The SEASAC project is very proud to cooperate with large and small businesses. Working together supports the professionalisation of sales. It gives students opportunities for extending their business experience and business a way of potential recruiting sales talent.
Read below testimonials from just some of  those that have been involved
“I am lucky to get a chance to be a buyer in sales role play training to prepare students to join sales competition in Thailand in Feb 2020. It is good chance to introduce students the actual buyer’s job description in negotiating with suppliers to get materials needed with lower price, good quality, short lead time, and cheaper delivery cost. They also gain a picture how a supplier / sales must have better service, complete data and competitive way in promoting their product to win suppliers competition in the market. It will be a prior knowledge for students to apply for the post of buyer or sales after they graduate or even while they are still studying. The skill and knowledge they have will give advantage to the stockholders in growing their businesss since they are recruited ready to work as employees.”

Lavia Esa, SS., M.Pd, – Supply Chain Planner at one of Multinational Manufacturing Company

Contributing on providing realistic cases and mentoring students building up their confidence in State Polytechnic of Batam Sales Competition


“I am very pleased being invited as a buyer for Poltek Batam students as preparation for their overseas Sales Competition. Glad to see their capability in preparing the material for products and company knowledge, negotiating and dealing with clients. Hope by the role play, students could improve their understanding about business performance.”

Alisa Yulima Siregar, SS., CGA. – Branch Manager at one of the biggest courier service company in the world

In sales competition project, she contributes to creating realistic cases and mentoring students building up their confidence.

“The experience helps students to evolve, improve communication skills and negotiation, sharpen analytical and critical skills. With these skills, one is able to adapt in a competitive under-pressure environment.”

Erna Permata Sari, S.ST,. – Multinational Manufacturing Company 

In sales competition project, as a buyer, she actively contributes in building up students’ confidence, roleplaying, identifying tough questions, and becoming students’ best buddies.





These businesses are also supporting SEASAC project: