In preparation for the second ‘South-East Asian Sales Competition (SEASAC) sponsored by Salesforce’ in early March 2021, the Vocational College, University of Gajah Mada (UGM) took the unusual and unique step of running a sales competition, for their lecturers!

Nine brave lecturers went online to perform an interactive live business-to-business b2b role play in front of a buyer and a team of international judges drawn from business and academia.

This experience was designed to re-create closely, the conditions, learning requirements, and skills required by students who enter the SEASAC sales competitions. It also gave lecturers an insight not only to their own strengths and weaknesses but also what nerves students experience.

SEASAC competitions are designed to transfer sales education into practical sales skills, a vital part of every business. They offer graduates learning opportunities and businesses an opportunity to meet with potentially talented graduate sales recruits.

The UGM competition took place online over 26th and 27th January 2021. There were four international buyers, three working at partner universities and one and experienced businessman. The judges were from seven nationalities and encompassed a broad range of talent. The supporting business and charities included: Smart pa, a UK provider of Personal Assistants; The Lens, an organisation that creates intrapreneurs; Cotswold loudspeakers, a manufacturer of loudspeakers; GravitateHR a service company providing HR services; Juniper Trust, a social enterprise. The other judges had extensive experience in radio stations and in education inspection.

The case description was supported by recruitment company iMultiply who provided supporting material also helped with video ‘encouragement’ to the ‘sellers’, iMultiply’s CEO, Ms Kirsty Mackenzie, was referred by the lecturers as ‘boss’.

The competition was won by Ms. Agnes Siwi Purwaning Tyas.

The final winners’ announcement was attended by SEASAC project lead, Harri Lappalainen, from Turku University of Applied Sciences (Finland), who acted as head judge for the UGM competition and the Dean of Vocational College UGM, Dr. Ing Agus Maryono, who expressed his appreciation and wish to be involved in ASEAN sales education.

The ‘case and situation’ involved the fictional division of a British recruitment company ‘iMultiply’ supplying a pan-ASEAN insurance provider.

 UGM’s Head of Economics and Business Department, Vocational College Dr Leo Indra Wardhana, thanked the seller’s company and commented on the experience, “We really thank iMultiply for supporting this event! Although this is meant to be a training program, the event was conducted professionally with a high standard.  I think this is a great experience for our faculty members to experience the real “game”, so they can coach students for the future sales competition.”

This learning also extended to the judges- all judges were delighted to be involved with many commenting how much they learned even although they already had extensive business and education backgrounds.

As a result of this initiative Vocational College of UGM has been inspired to introduce a brand sales communication course for the summer of 2021 with the support and encouragement of SEASAC.

This sales education initiative has trail-blazed a successful short level high impact method of encouraging sales education at university level. The whole process was supported by SEAMOLEC who completed the technical challenges professionally without a hitch.

SEASAC 2021 Sponsored by Salesforce   

These businesses supported Sales Competition Training for VC – UGM Lecturers:

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